Debra Moody – State Representative District 81

108th General Assembly - Freshman Class - House

Debra Moody was elected to the House of Representatives in 2012. She currently serves in the Legislative Committee, the Education Full Committee and sub-Committee, as well as the State Government Committee.  She has a track record of serving the Republican Party for over 30 years. She is a former Tipton County Republican Party Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer. She is also a member of the Tri-County Republican Women. In addition, she served on the Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee representing Tipton, Shelby, Lauderdale and Dyer counties for 12 years. Debra has been actively working for conservative Republican candidates since Ronald Reagan first ran for President. She is passionate about serving the public and her community.

“I am asking you to rehire me because I believe that Tipton County needs a strong representative who will work to move it forward and make it the best place to raise a family and run a business.

She is very passionate about the Tennessee Constitutional Amendment 1, a pro-life amendment, and advocates “Vote Yes on 1”. As a member of the Education Full Committee, Debra is working to eliminate the Common Core curriculum.

“We need someone who will work to reduce government regulation and taxation. I want to make sure that our family farms and small businesses thrive for generations and aren’t forced to be sold to pay a tax bill. I want to make sure all our schools have the resources they need to produce graduates that are ready to start the next phase of their life. Finally, I want to make sure that Tipton County is as safe as possible. I’m determined to work with state and local officials to eradicate the methamphetamine and gang problems that are tearing our families and community apart.

“My decades of serving in our community give me the experience and know-how it takes to make Tipton County the best place to live and work in West Tennessee. I am excited for this opportunity to represent the voters of District 81. I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you along the campaign trail. With your help, I plan to continue to take your voice to Nashville.”

As our State Representative, Debra has sponsored 21 bills, co-sponsored 100 bills, sponsored 5 resolutions, and co-sponsored 217 resolutions. You can find the details of her accomplishments at

On June 23, 2014, the two candidates running for Tennessee State Representative District 81, the incumbent Debra Moody and the challenger Rory Bricco, were given the opportunity to share their qualifications at the Tipton County Republican Party Open Meeting in Munford, Tennessee.  They were each given 5 minutes to tell about themselves as well as any other information they deemed pertinent. They were each given the same four questions to answer with a three minute time limit on each question. NEITHER of the candidates were privy to the questions before they spoke.  To watch the candidates discuss the issues on YouTube, follow this link: