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Newly Elected TCRP Executive Committee

The Tipton County Republican Party held their reorganization meeting on Thursday, February 12, 2015 in the upstairs board room at Covington City Hall. We are pleased to announce the new officers of the TCRP!

Chair                                                            Charlotte Kelley

Vice Chair                                                    Kevin Johnson

Treasurer                                                      Lisa Keith

Vice Treasurer                                              Doug Justice

Secretary                                                       Lynn Milam

Vice Secretary                                               Burt Milam

Events Coordinator                                      Marianne Dunavant

Assistant Events Coordinator                     Margaret Fleming


Congratulation to all!  We anticipate a productive next two years, growing the party, education on current events and candidates, and making a difference in the county, state, and country!


Come join us and “Be A Part of the Solution”!