TCRP Reagan Day Dinner Huge Success!!

Our Reagan Day Dinner was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who supported us and a special thanks to all who donated your time to make this a moment we will all forever remember. We had an amazing program including, US Congressman Stephen Fincher, US Senator Lamar Alexander, State Senator Mark Norris, State Rep. Debra Moody, State Rep. Barrett Rich and Conservative Political Correspondent Steve Gill. Senator Dolores Gresham, District Attorney Mike Dunavant, Munford Mayor Dwayne Cole and Atoka Mayor Walker attended as well, along with other elected officials such as Barry Akin and Farrel Vincent. I must mention my friends who were a part of the program, Wanda-Lynn Bellow led us in the Pledge, Lea Ann Pinner performed the National Anthem and Nicole Hensley closed with God Bless America. This night was focused on moving our Country forward with God as our focus. I am proud of the inspirational messages we received and Steve Gill ended our evening with a reminder of the importance of remembering our faith and the importance of God’s word!!
Marianne Dunavant
Event Coordinator TCRP

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