Welcome to Tipton County Republican Party website!

Check back often for the latest updates.

8 responses to “Welcome to Tipton County Republican Party website!”

  1. Gail Honadle says :

    WHERE CAN I GET TED CRUZ YARD SIGNS, see lots of Trump yard signs on public property in Atoka.

    • tiptoncountyrp says :

      Thanks for your question, Gail! The Cruz rep for Tipton County is Adam Lindsey. You can email him at officerlindsey725@yahoo.com. He should be able to fix you right up!

      Lynn Milam, TCRP

      • K. Scott says :

        Where is the Tipton, CO. Republican Headquarters located? I would like a Trump yard sign, or do I have to go to Howard County. For it?

        • tiptoncountyrp says :

          Thanks for your question, K. Scott! I’m sorry to be ‘generic’ in my response, but I’m not sure exactly how to address you! At this time we don’t have a brick-n-mortar headquarters location. Our mailing address is in Burlison, Tennessee. We have monthly meetings in Brighton, Covington, and Atoka on the third Tuesday of each month. I’m not sure who the Trump rep is or where their headquarters might be for Tipton county. I guess I’m not much help for you, am I? I will make some inquiries and see if I can better answer your questions, ok? Thanks! Lynn Milam, Secretary, TCRP

  2. Laurie Van Cleve says :

    My mom who lives with me is wanting some Trump signs for the yard. Where would I get some.

  3. Robert Antrican says :

    I have seen a lot of Lying Hillary signs around my county of Tipton County Tennessee but very few Trump signs l would like a Trump sign for my yard and a couple of campaign buttons l am willing to pay for them .

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